Last number - April 2024

Azerbaijan Oil Industry Journal

ISSN: 0365-8554

Founder: SOCAR

Editor-in-Chief: I.S.Guliyev

Azerbaijan Oil Industry Journal has been published since January 1899. The journal was included in the list of publications where the results of dissertations were published by the decision of the Supreme Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Dear authors and readers!

We consider it important to inform you that beginning with February 2020 “Azerbaijan Oil Industry” journal is indexed in CrossRef with DOI - Digital Object Identifier. You can find it in the beginning of the article after the keywords.

DOI – is a modern standard of identification of information submission in Internet used by all large international scientific institutions and publishers.

DOI index remains unchanged; it is linked to the URL of scientific paper (article, monography etc.). DOI system provides the identification and management of metadata in CrossRef database. DOI index contributes to the growth of citation of author’s papers, which increases their citation and personal Hirsh indexes – the principal research chops in the modern stage of scientific development as well.

DOI-prefix of “Azerbaijan Oil Industry” is 10.37474.

ISSN 0365-8554

The sample of DOI indexing from the paper of “Azerbaijan Oil Industry” journal No 2/2020:

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2020-210-15 (the last figures are the page numbers) You can check the DOI of your publication at: