Published January 2023, Pg. 35-39

Section: Oil refining and petroleum chemistry

UOT: 542.943.6:667.287.55:547.569

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2023-1-35-39

Oxidative desulfurization with hydrogen peroxide of catalytic cracking and coking gasolines produced from a mixture of Azeri oils

N.K. Andryushchenko - Institute for Petrochemical Processes

oxidative desulfurization
catalytically cracked gasoline
coking gasoline
hydrogen peroxide
ionic liquids

To extract sulfur compounds from oils, hydrogenation processes with a high consumption of hydrogen using expensive platinum catalysts, etc are implemented. In this regard, we have studied the process of oxidative desulfurization of catalytic cracking gasoline (CCG) and coking gasoline (CG) with hydrogen peroxide, as well as their narrow fractions, using cobalt-, molybdenum-containing and iron oxide catalysts with further extraction of sulfur-oxidized compounds with ionic liquids (morpholinium formate).

The initial sulfur content in CCG and CG is 397 and 1558 ppm, respectively. After oxidation and extraction with an ionic liquid of oxidized CCG and CG, the sulfur content was 100.4 and 336.4 ppm, respectively. The degree of desulfurization in this case for CCG and CG is equal to 74.7 and 78.4 %, correspondingly.

The degree of desulfurization of gasoline fractions ranged from 70 to 85 % with virtually no change in the ON (octane number) of gasoline.


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