Published January 2023, Pg. 56-59

Section: Young scientists and specialists

UOT: 622.276:658.58

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2023-1-56-59

Ground water resources of Azerbaijan and their efficient use

N.F. Hasanova - Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

water resources
irrigated lands

The paper is dedicated to the surface water resources of Azerbaijan and their efficient use. Azerbaijan is in the list of the countries with small water supply. Compared to the other countries of the South Caucasus, the water resources of Azerbaijan are limited and comprise only 15 % of water resources of the whole region. The water percent per head of the population in Azerbaijan is on the lowest level compared to the other Republics. The main reason for this is various locations of water sources. The estimated reserves of water in our country are equal to 30.9 bln. m3, of which 33 % is local, and 66 % - the water formed due to the transborder rivers. The contamination of Araz and Kur rivers, the major water sources, by the neighboring states worsens the situation. To meet the demand of the crop plants in irrigation water, the amount of the agricultural water should be increased. Therefore, the supply of farm lands with water is directed to the implementation of the different water-related activities, as well as to the engineering-melioration and other organizational issues with the purpose of rational use of the water.


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