Azerbaijan Oil Industry Journal
September 2022

In this number :

Section : Geology and geophysics

Thermal waters of Khachmaz-Khudat hydrogeodynamic region

S.Sh. Salahov Cand. in Geol.-Min.Sc. , Sh.S. Salahov

UOT: 550: 622.276 (479.24)

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-9-16-22

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Section : Well drilling

On the operation of cement stone in well and modern strategy of selection of backfill materials

E.M. Suleymanov Dr. in Tech. Sc. , R.S. Ibrahimov Cand. in Tech. Sc. , Sh.O. Bakhshaliyeva PhD in Tech. Sc. , Z.R. Ibrahimov

UOT: 622.245.42(075.3)

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-9-28-35

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Section : Oil and gas field development and exploitation

The development of a new method of definition of formation parameters via the processing of non-stationary recovery of bottomhole pressure in the wells

R.S. Gurbanov Dr. in Tech. Sc. , T.H. Ibrahimli Cand. in Tech. Sc.

UOT: 622.276.4

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-9-36-37

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Section : Technique and technology of oil-gas production

Specification of hydraulic load generated for effect on rocks of borehole environment via hydrodynamic cavitator

R.A. Hasanov Dr. in Tech. Sc. , J.R. Gasimova , F.A. Ramazanov

UOT: 622.24

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-9-38-43

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Section : Oil field equipment

Triboelectric effect ocurred in sucker-rod pumping unit on the pump productivity

A.M. Mammad-zade , F.G. Hasanov PhD in Tech. Sc. , E.E. Abdullayev

UOT: 622.276.53.05-886

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-9-44-47

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Section : Oil and gas preparing and transportation

On the necessity of classification characterizing efficiency of operation of system of subsea pipelines

N.M. Safarov Cand. in Tech. Sc. , S.G. Abbasov Cand. in Tech. Sc. , V.K. Guliyev

UOT: 622.276.3

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-9-48-51

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Section : Oil refining and petroleum chemistry

Ultimate composition of the condensate from Bulla-deniz field

G.S. Mukhtarova Dr. in Ch. Sc. , G.S. Mukhtarova PhD in Tech. Sc.

UOT: 665.612.2-027.22

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-9-52-54

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Section : Oil refining and petroleum chemistry

The synthesis of bis-dibenzoat, bis-p-dichloro-dibenzoat ethers of ethylene-glycol in the presence of ionic-liquid catalyst

P.M. Kerimov PhD in Ch. Sc. , O.M. Alesgerova PhD in Ch. Sc. , L.M. Saadova , G.G. Nasibova PhD in Ch. Sc. , E.M. Guliyeva PhD in Ch. Sc.

UOT: 665.612.2-027.22

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-9-55-59

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Section : Economy, management and law

The commercialization of the outcome of scientific-technical activity

R.G. Aliyeva

UOT: 622.338.26

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-9-60-62

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Section : Young scientists and specialists

On the implementation of a new method for diagnostics of pipelines

A.R. Naghizade

UOT: 622.276.6

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-9-63-67

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