Azerbaijan Oil Industry Journal
April 2023

In this number :

Section : Geology and geophysics

Giant hydrocarbon fields and geological justification of probability of their presence in the South Caspian basin

G.N. Gahramanov Cand. in Geol.-Min.Sc. , F.N. Kerimov Cand. in Geol.-Min.Sc. , G.J. Nasibova

UOT: 550.8:553.98

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2023-04-4-11

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Section : Geology and geophysics

Microfauna complex and bionomy of Sarmatian sediments of Shaigler-Gaibler section (Gobustan oil-gas bearing region)

E.V. Rzayeva , Sh.H. Mammadova , T.A. Askerov , T.I. Hamzayeva

UOT: 552.578.2.061.3

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2023-04-12-16

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Section : Oil and gas field development and exploitation

The modeling of the flow process of gas-condensate mixture in the formation–well system

S.A. Salimova

UOT: 622.276.4

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-04-17-21

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Section : Technique and technology of oil-gas production

The analysis of the technological efficiency of using stocks and the dynamics of oil production in Karazhanbas field

M.K. Karazhanova , O.G. Kirisenko , B.N. Koilybayev , L.B. Zhetekova

UOT: 622.276.5

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-04-22-28

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Section : Oil and gas preparing and transportation

The regulation of productivity-power balance of compressor units at high pressures in the underground gas storages

E.Kh. Iskenderov Dr. in Tech. Sc. , A.N. Baghirov Cand. in Tech. Sc. , Sh.A. Baghirov

UOT: 622.27

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-04-29-32

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Section : Oil field equipment

The specification of classes of field emergency cases on the similarity criteria

R.A. Hasanov Dr. in Tech. Sc. , T.M. Gasymova , S.A. Musavi

UOT: 622.24

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-04-33-38

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Section : Oil refining and petroleum chemistry

The optimization of the process of catalytic cycloalkylation of phenol with methyl-cyclohexanes

I.I. Alekperova , R.P. Jafarov , Z.Z. Aghamaliyev Cand. in Tech. Sc. , Ch.G. Rasulov Dr. in Ch. Sc. , A.R. Manafova

UOT: 66.095:547.562:547.425

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-04-39-42

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Section : Oil refining and petroleum chemistry

The study of byproduct of ethylene production with light pyrolysis resin and properties of obtained varnish

F.M. Sadygov Dr. in Tech. Sc. , G.N. Hajiyev PhD in Ch. Sc. , Sh.D. Aliyeva , I.H. Mammadova , G.H. Hasan-zade , E.T. Malikova , N.S. Sadygova

UOT: 665.6/7:502.171;665.6/7:658.567

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-04-43-47

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Section : Economy, management and law

Human capital: concept formation and major stages

M.A. Rzayev Cand. in Ec. Sc.

UOT: 338.23

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-04-48-54

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Section : Еcology and industrial safety

The purification of soil from oil contamination via natural sorbents

D.B. Shirinova Cand. in Tech. Sc. , S.R. Sadigova

UOT: 504.054:622.276

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-04-55-58

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