Azerbaijan Oil Industry Journal
June - July 2023

In this number :

Section : Geology and geophysics

Analysis of activation of Lokbatan mud volcano

I.S. Guliyev Dr. in Geol.-Min. Sc , G.J. Yetirmishli Dr. in Geol.-Min. Sc , S.E. Kazimova PhD in Geol.-Min. Sc.

UOT: 551.21.032

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2023-06-07-20-27

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Section : Geology and geophysics

The role of the structural-tectonic characteristics of Caspian-Guba oil-gas bearing region in formation of underground water reserves

A.M. Mammadov

UOT: 550.8:553.98

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2023-06-07-28-31

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Section : Well drilling

Comparative analysis of the drilling method of sidetrack

B.M. Bahramly , E.Kh. Mammadov

UOT: 622.24:622.76

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-06-07-32-34

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Section : Oil and gas field development and exploitation

Estimation of the possibility of recovering residual reserves under the influence of polymer solutions at the final stage of oil field development

Kh.A. Feyzullaev Dr. in Tech. Sc. , M.S. Khalilov Cand. in Phis.-Math. Sc. , A.A. Damirov PhD in Tech. Sc.

UOT: 622:51-7

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-06-07-35-43

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Section : Technique and technology of oil-gas production

The study of the effect of agents on rheophysical properties of oil from Bulla-deniz field

H.R. Gurbanov Dr. in Ch. Sc. , N.A. Abdullayeva , L.M. Shikhiyeva

UOT: 622.276

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-06-07-44-48

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Section : Oil and gas preparing and transportation

Analysis of safety factors in the calculation of strength by internal pressure of oil and gas field and main pipeline systems

F.H. Seyidli , J.N. Aslanov

UOT: 621.646.8

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-06-07-49-59

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Section : Oil refining and petroleum chemistry

The synthesis of calcium and barium salts of carboxymethylamine-methylalkylphenol and their effect on properties of ДС -11 engine oil

G.Z. Huseynov Dr. in Ch. Sc. , N.A. Aliyev PhD in Ch. Sc. , E.V. Imanov

UOT: 547.279.1 (088.8)

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-06-07-60-62

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Section : Oil refining and petroleum chemistry

Synthesis and properties of Gemini surfactant based on dodecyldiethylolammonium, dodecyltriethylolammonum bromide and potassium oxalate

I.V. Rustamova , R.A. Rahimov Dr. in Ch. Sc.

UOT: 661.185

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-06-07-63-67

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Section : Economy, management and law

Methodological issues of sap system implementation and its trends in the new millennium

T.N. Polukhov PhD in Economics , S.S. Rahimli , R.R. Israfilov

UOT: 622.3:658

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2023-06-07-68-75

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