Azerbaijan Oil Industry Journal
January 2012

In this number :

Application of nanotechnology in oil branch

V.N. Samedov , A.M. Mamedtaghizadeh , G.V. Jabbarova , E.E. Shmoncheva

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Results of laboratory and practical tests of structure for water inflow restriction in wells

Sh.P.Kazimov , I.Y. Efendiyev , R. A.Ahmedov , E.T.Mamedova , M.M.Imanov , F.F.Ahmed

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Complex of measurement, monitouring, diagnostics and control for oil wells operated with sucker rod installations

A.G Rzayev , G.A. Guluyev , F.G. Pashayev , T.A.Aliyev , I.R.Sattarov , N.H.Kazimov

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Viscosity of various parameters in catalytic destruction of polyisobutylene

F.A.Novruzova , G.I.Kelbeliyev. , H.S.Gadzhiahmedzadeh

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