Azerbaijan Oil Industry Journal
October 2022

In this number :

Section : Geology and geophysics

The study of reservoir parameters of subsurface rocks based on the core data of anticline belt of Sangachal-deniz–Bulla-deniz

H.I. Shekerov Cand. in Geol.-Min.Sc. , J.S. Abbasov PhD in Geol.-Min. Sc.

UOT: 550.834.09

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-10-4-9

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Section : Geology and geophysics

The results of complex interpretation of seismic survey and well data in Gurgan Deniz area

T.N. Shikhmammadova Cand. in Geol.-Min.Sc. , L.J. Abilhasanova , P.J. Abasova , L.F. Hasanova

UOT: 551.243

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/2022-10-10-14

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Section : Well drilling

The calculation of curving intensity while drilling with operated rotor systems

M.M. Shirinov , V.N. Samadov , V.O.Bogopol´skiy Cand. in Tech. Sc. , A.A. Bagirov

UOT: 622.24:622.276

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2022-10-15-18

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Section : Oil and gas field development and exploitation

The analysis of well stock and making immediate decisions towards increasing oil production in mature fields

F.S. Ismailov Dr. in Tech. Sc. , M.M. Imanov , A.A. Mammadov , Z.B. Mirzajanov Cand. in Tech. Sc.

UOT: 622.276

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2022-10-19-22

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Section : Technique and technology of oil-gas production

The study of the effect of flooding process in Neft Dashlary field on parameters of aggressive medium

N.A. Veliyev Cand. in Tech. Sc. , K.K. Mehdiyev , N.B. Khaligov , N.Ya. Ismailzade , Sh.Sh. Kazimova , Gayibova

UOT: 622.276.76

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2022-10-23-28

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Section : Оffshore hidrotechnical facilities

Method of immediate control on technical state of offshore facilities

Ya.E. Ahmadov Cand. in Phys.-Math. Sc. , I.G. Huseynov Cand. in Tech. Sc. , Sh.I. Mustafayev Cand. in Tech. Sc. , A.T. Ismailova

UOT: 622.276.53

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2022-10-29-35

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Section : Nanotechnologies in oil industry

The study of nanosilica in cement base materials

E.G. Shahbazov Dr. in Tech. Sc. , A.A. Guvalov Dr. in Tech. Sc.

UOT: 666.972.162-666952.3

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2022-10-36-40

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Section : Oil refining and petroleum chemistry

Zeolite-containing catalysts in alkylation processes

G.A. Huseynova Dr. in Tech. Sc. , G.S. Mukhtarova Dr. in Tech. Sc. , S.Y. Rashidova Cand. in Tech. Sc. , G.A. Gasimova

UOT: 665.652

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2022-10-41-46

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Section : Oil refining and petroleum chemistry

Oxidation of chlorotoluene, toluene and chlorobenzene in the presence of Ag/MnO2 catalyst

I.H. Melikova Cand. in Tech. Sc.

UOT: 541.128.542.547

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2022-10-47-52

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Section : Еcology and industrial safety

The difficulties in achievement of observance of environmental standards: legal enforcement and stability

E.M. Aliyev

UOT: 665.612.2 – 027.22

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2022-10-53-59

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Section : Young scientists and specialists

The study of hydrodynamic forces effecting submarine riser in 300 m depth in the Caspian Sea

M.E. Shahlarly

UOT: 622.692.12

DOI: 10.37474/0365-8554/ 2022-10-60-64

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